Exploring the Void

Traveling has taught me many things. The most profound knowledge I have gained is an inevitable truth. There are these moments when we are in unfamiliar places with unknown faces that spark up these natural emotions such as; fear, loneliness, and anxiety. In these moments, rests golden treasures that determine the true essence of our being.

In that nothingness , when we are surrounded by no possessions , no attachments , unfamiliarity , emptiness , the unknown , the void..how we react in these moments determine the true nature of our character. We are born alone , we die alone, we experience this whole thing alone. TOGETHER ..but alone. This is our personal experience and we are not defined by our possessions , we are defined by how we choose to be when we have absolutely nothing. It is in the quality of our energy and the persistence of our character. To have nothing , yet to have a rich in heart and spirit is the pure essence of our being. Try being empty! Go through it! Face what burdens your soul, and get to your core. I have never been out of the country before , but I have seen photos of many children who were born and raised in poverty and have this look in their eyes as if they are so wise , powerful and rich. They have something nobody can ever take away from them