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Pre- Recorded & Self-Paced 

USD 75

Your Voice
Your Voice

Connect with the pure nature of your voice & soul.

Is This For You

This is for you if you...

  • Need something quick yet efficient, 
    With 20 mins. each segment  &  8 Segments total 

  • You are looking for more ways to connect with your soul

  • You admire unconventional teaching methods

  • Have little to no singing experience

  • Ready to discover your PURE voice

  • Let go of the "singer" archetype & connect with pure sound

  • Use your entire body as an instrument

  • Free Yourself & expand your potential

  • Are on a journey of self-discovery & personal development

  • Wish to connect to your soul more intimately 

  • Want to learn songs from throughout the world 

  • Are seeking alternatives to western styles of learning 

  • Wish to open or heal your throat chakra 

  • Are ready to try something new, fun &  deeply meaningful 

  • Want to have basic daily technical practices

  • Are ready to explore your creativity 

The Nature of the Course: 

Introduction & Welcome

I explain the 3 fundamental values of this course, basic principles, layout , & how to prepare accordingly. The essentials to taking care of your voice. 

Segment 1: 

Let go of the "Singer" archetype & connect to the purity of your voice as a dear friend. 
Break down any mental constructs you may place on yourself that are blocking you form connecting to the depths of your voice. 

Segment 2: 

Engage your entire body as an instrument. Featuring dancer Thomas Licou. Connect to the pulse of your voice.