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7- Week Online Self-Paced Course

Voices of the World 

Regardless of where you are in the world , You have the opportunity to receive exclusive content to help you connect with your voice. With focus & Self- Discipline, You will succeed. Honoring the balance of finding your own rhythm . Trusting when it is time to relax, and when it is time to focus. 

Connect with your Voice and Connect with your Soul

Your Voice
Your Voice

This might be the course for you, if you...

  • Have little to no singing experience 

  • You are a singer & want to learn more songs + techniques

  • Are ready to discover your own authentic voice

  • Are experiencing a huge block when it comes to expressing yourself

  • Have trouble communicating clearly or setting your boundaries 

  • Are on a journey of self-discovery & personal development

  • Wish to connect to your soul more intimately 

  • Want to learn songs from throughout the world 

  • Are seeking alternatives to western styles of learning 

  • Wish to open or heal your throat chakra 

  • Are ready to try something new, fun &  deeply meaningful 

  • Want to have basic daily technical practices

  • Are ready to explore your creativity 

Is This For You
What You Will Learn

What You Will Learn In This Course

This course is designed to address both parts in each segment - Spiritual & Technical:

Week 1: Earth 

Technique : The Basics. Understand your vocal range and basic techniques. 

Spirit : Learn to chant songs from Africa & sing from a more primitive place.

World Song: "Oya De" - Africa

Week 2: Water

Technique : Resonance & Vibrato 

Spirit : Practice with Handpan scales. 

World Song: "Uchu No Mugen" - Japan

Week 3: Fire

Technique : Vocal Dynamics & Breath Control 

Spirit : Rhythmical breath & Voice Meditation


World Song:  "Bismiallah" - Arabic 

Week 4: Air

Technique : Pitch Control 

Spirit : Soft Guidance to Improvisation & Developing Intimacy with your voice

World Song: "Om Tare" - Sanskrit 

Week 5: Ether

Technique : Classical Indian Scales

Spirit : Enhance your creativity by joining me in song

World Song:  100 Syllable Tibetan Mantra

Week 6 : Ajna 

Technique : Number Scales 

 Spirit : Light Language Formulas

World Song:  "Yogeshwara" Chant - Sanskrit

Week 7: Crown

Technique : Advanced Scales 

Spirit : Releasing Fear of Judgment Practice 

World Song:  "El Na Re Fa Na La " - Israel


20+ High Quality Audio Mp3 Files 
50+ Page Workbook Template 
7 Hours of HD Video Quality 


LIFETIME ACCESS to new content created by Dominique, including  ADVANCED vocal techniques, World & Original songs collection,  concerts, music videos, meditations, and more to be updated through the duration of her life. 

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Course Content - All in High Quality Recording - All for Lifetime Access 

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"Voices of Nature" - 
MINI Self-Paced Course 


  • SIX  20 MIN. Videos 

  • TWO 10 Min. Videos  - (2 hours & 20 mins. total )

  • All filmed in Nature with high quality video  ! 

  • Movement with Voice  Medicine , Custom holistic Exercises , Catharsis & Unique Practices

$75 USD


Full & MINI Self-Paced 

  • "Voices of Nature" mini Self-Paced course 


  • "Voices of the World" FULL Self-Paced Course



Tier 4: 1-1 Mentorship -
1,3 OR 6 Months 


ONLY 1 SPACE Available 

  • 5 Private Sessions MINIMUM online VIA ZOOM 

  • 2 hours each + bonus personalized content 

  • Choose a 1, 3 or 6 Month Mentorship program 

Minimum five session commitment

Split Payment Plans are Available
* When applying please write how long you are interested in working with me for 

$ 250 USD/per session

Copy of TEMPLATE_ The Ultimate Workbook

"Voices of the World" -
Full Self-Paced  Course 

  • Lifetime Access

  • 7 Hours of HD Videos

  • 50+ Page Workbook Template 

  • 20+ MP3 Audio Files 

$97 USD


1-1 Mentorship
Includes Private Lessons 


  • MINI Vocal Course

  • FULL Vocal Course 

  • 4 Private Sessions 

$1000 USD


About Dominique as a World Musician & Vocal Artist

Dominique started singing at the age of thirteen, and has been mesmerized by the life that has embraced her ever since her vocal awakening journey began. 


She has traveled the world studying Amazonian Medicine Culture , Middle Eastern Sufi, and Classical Indian style of singing. She combines these elements creating her own unique and authentic sound.


Having received opera training at the age of 18 as a Mezzo Soprano, hitting bone chilling soaring high notes is her specialty and pure pleasure.

She travels throughout the world offering concerts & working with people to encourage them to unlock their vocal alchemy.

" Join me in this Unique Experience. I will take you on a Journey of discovering your own soul through your voice. With authentic exercises guided from a holistic approach , anybody can do it!


 You do not have to be a singer to take this course. It is about using your voice from a therapeutic approach. Heal & awaken parts within yourself you did not know existed."


                                                                                      - Dominique


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