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A Series for the Empowered Woman

The Feminine Mystique 

A Series of 3 masterclasses of 2 hours each.
Guiding women to access their Business,  Pleasure,  & Creativity. 

“You are the divine feminine uprising. The revolution starts with you."

 Pre-recorded Videos + Content


Divine Woman.
It is time to expand every single cell of your soul.

“This is for your daughters, granddaughters, &. entire feminine linage. Leave a legacy behind."

Imagine a successful business ...

Imagine being the source for your own pleasure...

Imagine accessing all of your creativity...



The Path of the Muse did not come to me easy.

At the age of 8 years old, I tried to kill myself because I was afraid my father would kill me.

When I was 13, I was placed in a foster home.
My father had nearly beaten me to death.
He was an

I grew up in the system moving from house to house. At 16, I was surrounded by hard drugs daily.
I did not imagine a future for myself. 
I had no passion for life.

Eventually, I decided I was ready to turn my life around after getting arrested. Art & music saved my life. It became a safe space for me to make sense of the senseless.

When I turned 17,

I decided I would work for myself full time & do whatever it took to pursue and sustain my passions.

At 18, I began traveling the world. 

I joined the opera at age 19. I found an island in Thailand where I got a home alone in the beautiful jungle and stayed for 5 years. 

I took a leap of faith to begin living as a  full time entrepreneur.
It began as a fine art model.
Later as a world m
usician, feminine empowerment leader & medicine woman.

Guiding retreats & workshops all over the world sharing my story. Encouraging people to awaken to their infinite power through self-liberation & creative expression.



Where it all began...

I had no idea what was to come of this big bold move..

And Now...

I am the first of my generation to pursue a self-sustainable career.

For the past 7 years, 100% of my income has been coming from my own creations.

I have reached millions through my music & been featured on covers of magazines.

Traveling all over the world sharing my heART. Impacting many people.

This is generational healing.

This is revolutionary.

This is for the legacy of my children & beyond.

This is much bigger than me .

This is worth celebrating.


In this series
You're Going to Learn...

  • How to kickstart your business 

  • Time & Organization Management 

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Goal Orientation & Self-Discipline 

  • Branding , Networking & Communication Skills

  • Manifest Journal, Visualization, & Embodiment 

  • How to connect to your womb

  • How to purify your yoni with yoni steam 

  • Self-Love massage

  • Orgasmic secrets & hidden treasures  

  • Release Body Shaming 

  • De-armor yourself & soften into sensuality 

  • How to access your creativity  

  • Summon your inner artist 

  • Remove creative blockages 

  • Vocal Activation 

  • Unleash your rhythm 

  • Movement Medicine 

Modules & Structure

1. Lecture   |  2. Exercise  |  3. Embodiment Practice | 4. Group Chat Acesss


Learn to create a healthy kickstarter structure within your business. Build a solid foundation  to launch your dreams.


Reading Prompt: 
Leading Women
by Nancy D O'Rielly 


Meditation MP3
(for abundance)

Practice MP4 

Group Chat Access


A Sensual Surrender.
De-armor your shield.
Gentle Yoni steam, womb massage & codes for self-pleasure.


Reading Prompt: 
The Wild Woman's Way
By Michaela Boehm


Library of
10 Soundscapes

Meditation MP3
(for pleasure)

Practice MP4 

Group Chat Access


Connect with your voice like a lover. Reclaim your rhythm. Unleash the creative spirit within. Remove mental artistic blocks.


Reading Prompt: 
The Artist Way
by Julia Cameron  

2 Vocal

Voices of Nature & Voices of the World-

  Sanctuary of
Sounds Bundle

(Guided Meditations, Affirmations, & Soundscapes)

Group Chat Access

Group Chat Access

Group chat access to connect with like-minded women who also took this course. Build a sisterhood support network for around the world for life.



Meditation MP3
(for abundance)

Practice MP4 

Group Chat Access



the feminine mystique


The Feminine Mystique 

This Includes: 

  • 3 Classes, 2 Hours Each 

  • Playback Recordings 

  • Group chat access 

  • $500 Value in Content


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