Dominique Zuniga is a multi- instrumentalist & Vocally opera trained singer combining many worldly influences creating her own style, listed as “Shamanic operatic.” Especially influenced by the indigenous shamanic medicine culture. She uses her voice as a sacred tool to create healing sound scapes that resonate with specific attuned frequencies. Overall creating an authentic and truly Mystic Sound. Her voice has taken her all over the world. She hosts many workshops, retreats and concerts encouraging people to unlock their vocal potential . She is  Based in Koh Phangan , Thailand originally from California. Origin of mixed descent, Saudi Arabian and Mexican .

" I believe in the power of pure sound vibration. When I play instruments, I like to think that rather, they are playing me instead. I merely just a tool or a channel for this magic to come through. Music has saved my life time and time again. I don't know what I'd do without it. I can hear music everywhere always. If you just sit alone and tune into the divine orchestra, almost every sound has a note or a rhythm. I live to witness and give birth to these celestial sounds that make the intangible come to life." 
                                                                 - Dominique Zuniga  

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