The Nectar of the Forbidden Fruit

Wow ! I cannot stress this enough. Life is one hell of a thing to happen to a person. These past few weeks, I have been up , down and all the way around. Learning to let go . Letting myself die and rise over and over again. Unlearning all that I thought I knew, to relearn the things I never knew, in a way I could have never known. Immersing in this vast unknown, i become more familiar with it. And in becoming more familiar with it, I realize the best thing we could know is that we know nothing at all. Remaining pure and open to anything is embodying everything through being nothing . Nobody from nowhere. The movements and objects that surround me do not define me. It is my personal energy. My way of reacting , My individuality , the gifts provided to me. My singing, dancing, arting, yoga , meditating. The things that get me going , that connect me to this pure channel that is higher than me. The things that will never leave me , the things that ride the waves of eternity with or without me . To me, these are the MOST TRUE things left in this world. Our true nature . Our natural state