Close Your Eyes and Feeeel

Europe has taught me many many beautiful things. The first thing I can think of is that if it makes you uncomfortable DO IT ! If it's "not your thing" DO IT ! AND MAKE IT YOUR THING ! Last night my friend Emma - Also goes by Kyotocat , an international freelance model and forest nymph , a beauty and free spirit - and I went out to the clubs in Budapest. Clubbing isn't really my thing buuuut ooooooooh man ... a few drinks later I lost all fucks and realized Im in BUDAPEST! It's time to make it my thing. We had sooo much fun ! The clubs out here are amazing! They look like underground jungle / artsy run down palaces . Its a fucking playground ! Too fun to explore! The reason why I don't like clubs is because of the intention now a days . It isn't so much about dancing and celebrating life its more like how can i get laid ? :| :/ Suuper annoying! Its so rare to find people dancing with themselves and expressing their individuality . People have loss sense of that and its sad. Anyways, after an hr of men just tryna grind , I learned how to hold my space. If you were next to me in the club, you had to give me about 2 ft of room cause the way i dance i need my space! I was kicking , elbowing, spinning, head banging all out ! Dancing by myself, eventually the guys learned to back off cause they didn't have a chance in my world. It was so funny hearing how they