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Tender Surrender

My soul is at peace. I did the right thing... It's not easy ; the path is with many difficult routes. I have chosen challenging routes with the intention to transcend because I believe it is my purpose. More than anything its purely primal instinct, it comes naturally and feels right to me . I do best with bumps and cracks because its the root of what makes the light shine through. I already overcame the common ground bumps and narrow valleys at a head start from my childhood. For a while, after I saw it as a curse, I began to see it as a blessing. I used my knowledge and experience as an advantage to thrive. Now , I see that it is neither a curse nor a blessings. It is simply much greater than me. Beyond my level of understanding. It chose me as much as I did it , and I have no choice but to surrender with honor because no matter how trialing; my path is a divinely crafted master piece of the art of living each moment expressing purely to enlighten and inspire the great mystery of things. In essence, as we familiarize ourselves with this vast unknown, we familiarize with ourselves as a whole.

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