Divine Timing - Look within to align what is on the outside

So after this pull and tug motion that went on for months with my BF and I , despite how utterly gorgeous , sweet and perfect he was to me . I just knew I couldn't be with him at this time . I needed time and space to grow on my own. And taking the responsibility of him, his daughter and previous divorce was not easy . So I finally made the leap , and it took me REALLY long time to get here. It did not end pretty. It was messy . I definitely learned it hurts more to hold on to something that just isn't working anymore then to let go . Just let go. So i moved into this cute little apartment with my friends on the other side of town. Booked tour and headed to California . My goal was to make enough money to save and invest in a home/studio space in the arts district , clear my head, catch up with old friends and family and realign my focus on how to better pursue my career. It was hard to leave but it was an incredible journey ! The perfect medicine ! A few days upon arrival in Vegas, I couldn't help but feel this somewhat bitter feeling in the air. Of all that I lef