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Surrender. What does it mean to surrender? How can I find it ? Is she a beautiful woman dancing with the waves on the beach ? The laughter that fills my cheeks ? The taps under my feet? The thought of spreading my wings ? Bleeding, Birthing, Being Creativity ? Surrender is nothing more but a loose tulip dancing and breathing with the air. Surrender is to nothing and anything . Surrender is breathing ; or being. One with all or nothing at all . Feeling so small that you are so big and limitless. It's all much bigger than us. How else can we accept the unknown ? Just jump ! Just do it ! Be free ! Open to receiving anything and everything yet nothing ! Cause being empty is the key ... Go ahead ! Give it all some character with your very breathe . Don't be afraid to live without merely exsistence. Dream ! Dream ! Dream ! We are infinite particles in a limitless seed. Could finding surrender mean to be comfortable with the natural ways.. the price we pay as beings ? To feel things so deeply running with the birth of responsibility . Honoring the mother of ironies; we are living and dying. Letting your pain and hunger dance in a fearless pursit , holding each other hand in hand with the company of universal roots. Truths that abide all the moves. In a space where the past becomes fleeding every second, Like a river flowing crescent; what does it mean to truly be present? Bathe in the emptiness ! Jump! I DARE you !

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