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Ode to the New Year

This past year was amazing. Moving into the Lotus House with all my friends and being surrounded by so much art, music and creativity was amazing ! I love every single one of them ! They are my brothers and not a day goes by where I don't think of them . Going to work in Joshua tree was so surreal ! I got paid very well to stay in an air B n' B home off the grid in nature and rock climb and model ! It was so amazing ! I feel in love with rock climbing out here ! There is something magical about being on the edge of a cliff and being forced to push through all your barriers because your life is depending on it. And when you get to the top , and look down and see all that is below and in front of you with the wind blowing, you see that you are infinite by the will of nature. And that is an incredible feeling. As a result of this trip I got featured in my first published book "Time out in Joshua Tree" which is now available world wide. I also launched my website and did my first editorial shoot which will be featured in this upcoming Summer. Getting the chance to perform in the opera was something I never saw coming. I don't even like the opera haha. This one was special. It was unlike any other. It was a Native American Opera called "Kokopelli." I played Tonatzin , the Native American version of the Mother of Guadalupe. This experienced truly pushed me to the edge of comfort zone in a really positive way. It helped me overcome my fears and made me fall in love with performing arts and consider working in the circus . I realize living in Las Vegas , there is a mecca for performing arts right in front of my face ! Maybe I could take advantage of this opportunity while I'm here. Then going off into Europe with my best friend. Staying at the most beautiful hotels , all paid for , meeting the most amazing people going to a country a week for a month was the MOST magical thing ! Traveling, making music and art, getting paid for it, meeting amazing people along the way, living it up in fancy hotels . It was a dream come true. We were treated like fucking rock stars. That shit was crazy! Going to Costa Rica , Montezuma was so so enchanting . I love the way the people live. So pure . You truly are reminded how you belong to the earth not the other way around. It was so nice to get out of the city environments and be entirely immersed in nature. The jungle. I truly felt in my element here and met the most beautiful people I carry in my heart everyday. Falling in love was bitter sweet. Yet it taught me many things. One of the last things he had said to me was " It is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all." This I felt was the true essence of life. It seems as though my year would have been far too perfect without this loss. Well now I have a much deeper understanding of who I am and what I want. I am left with no choice but to be fearless in the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire . I let go , I enjoy the fall. I hit the ground, so I can pick myself back up and take flight. I am ready. I am Alive. This is what it means, to truly be alive.

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