Ode to the New Year

This past year was amazing. Moving into the Lotus House with all my friends and being surrounded by so much art, music and creativity was amazing ! I love every single one of them ! They are my brothers and not a day goes by where I don't think of them . Going to work in Joshua tree was so surreal ! I got paid very well to stay in an air B n' B home off the grid in nature and rock climb and model ! It was so amazing ! I feel in love with rock climbing out here ! There is something magical about being on the edge of a cliff and being forced to push through all your barriers because your life is depending on it. And when you get to the top , and look down and see all that is below and in front of you with the wind blowing, you see that you are infinite by the will of nature. And that is an incredible feeling. As a result of this trip I got featured in my first published book "Time out in Joshua Tree" which is now available