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SAMA - A Sufi word meaning - to gather & listen to religious poetry

that is accompanied by ecstatic dance or other ritual.

My dear sister, it is my honor to invite you to gather your voices in divine union.Let us remember the power of our essence. From silence we are born, from silence sound is sourced. The source of a woman is the threshold of life & all creation. Our voice is the most intimate pathway to connect to the divine. When we join our voices together, we leave an imprint for the women who came before us and will come after us. We sing for those who were silenced. We wear our hair long for those who were killed for doing so. We dance for ancestors to return from their long rest, & rejoice in the reclamation of the sacred feminine with us.

I welcome you to “Temple of Sama,” your temple of ancient remembrance.

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Dominique Zuniga is a world renowned Vocal Artist & World Multi instrumentalist. Signed with record label "Cafe de Anataloia."
You can find her latest album "Ikalgi," streaming on all platforms.

She originates from Saudi Arabian and Mexican descent.
She has traveled the world studying music, medicine, & ceremonial space-holding.​


Her musical influences are Amazonian Medicine Culture , Middle Eastern Sufi, and Classical Indian. She combines these elements creating her own unique and authentic sound.

Having received opera training at the age of 19 as a Mezzo Soprano, hitting soaring high notes is her specialty and pure pleasure.

She encourages people to connect with their voice through online seminars & retreats throughout the world.

She has completed her Shakti Spirit TTC in 2018 with Monika Nataraj.
A course on how to facilitate ceremonial women's empowerment retreats.
She travels the world empowering women through music & artistry.

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Jiaii Rin - Japan

"Although, it is a voice training session, personally speaking, it is more than that. In today’s session, I explored more on practicing the following concepts: releasing my own self-judgment , feeling safe to explore , more relaxation with my voice muscles, and being able to be more in a meditative state.Also, I purely feel Dominique’s voice is so beautiful. When I practice and hear her voice with my eyes closed, I feel like I am surrounded in beauty. Just hearing her say one sound Is so beautiful! I just feel happy hearing her! "


"You will identify some of the fears that you have. You will bring more of your natural authentic self into life. 
Just go because you feel the call to go.

You will experience something very transformative. Dominique is a magical being. She has a lot of light & is able to provide a space in a way that I. have not yet seen before. 

You will l eave this retreat feeling lighter, stronger, & more connected with yourself.


Phil Louden - USA

"These 7 weeks have been absolutely  incredible. If you are ready to take your voice to the next level, Dominique's course is the way to do it.
You will not regret it ! 


I HIGHLY recommend attending Dominique's Retreats. You will be welcomed and surrounded by acceptance, love and support through your journey. AHO!"

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Henry - USA

Dom is an incredible woman I had the privilege of meeting a couple months ago, during the voice of the mystic retreat. And it was a really incredible experience. I think what this retreat showed me is that it is a beautiful form of self expression. And I think one of the things I'm most grateful for from having this experience is that I can now sing without hearing the voice in my head saying that you should stop singing because it's not good. So that that voice has gone away. And that's now allowing me to sing and to share my voice. I noticed deeply throughout the experience that the ways I was not able to accept my voice for the way it is, are also reflected in the ways that I'm not able to accept myself for the way that I am. I think that the acceptance of my voice and its flaws and imperfections has allowed me to deeper accept myself as a human and accept myself as the person that I am. I feel grateful that this event occurred near me and I was able to be there. And I would say to somebody that is thinking about it-I think I was the most nervous in the few moments before entering into the retreat space, but from the moment I arrived, I really did feel so comfortable. Stepping out of my comfort zone, singing in front of a group of people, it can be intimidating. But I'm so grateful and I'm so proud of myself for having done this. And I think for anybody else that is thinking about it- just trust yourself because it's a really, really beautiful experience to trust yourself in that way and to allow Dom that space to work the magic alchemy. Ultimately I’m just really grateful for that confidence to sing and really receiving so much joy from that, like I used to when I was younger.

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Julia - USA

Dom really led the space with a lot of confidence, and a lot of grace. I could tell that she led these classes many times before and she had a really nice flow from one exercise to the other. She was really tuning into how something that she was creating was received by the group and I could see that she had a whole repertoire of things that she played with. So you know, I appreciated going into a workshop where she'd been cultivating this craft for a long time. I would leave absolutely pumped and feeling so full of joy from singing and sharing and hearing other magical voices enter into the room. It was awesome. What’s possible for me now is an inner vote of confidence. Once you stand in front of a room and make up a song that was channeled in that very moment and you didn’t explode or catch fire, you realize that that’s within you, that it’s possible. And there will be these little nuggets that come out that you actually really like.

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Hanna Van Der Wick - Germany

"I began this course without knowing that this will lead to a deep level of connecting to myself. And Dominique created a safe space that allowed me to share my inner feelings with everyone. So it felt like a breakthrough not only in technical terms because I didn’t know how high my voice can get but also in spiritual terms. I’m thankful for this life changing experience, that I can recommend to everyone. " 

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Diamond - USA

This was the best investment I have ever made. I invested in Dominique's live online vocal course called, "The Feminine Mystique."Dominique is amazing. You can tell how much heart, spirit , & energy she put into the course. This was in divine alignment with what I was calling in. I am getting booked and getting more clients! I can't even put it into words. Even though the course has ended, I still have so much content I can work on !


Haley - USA

Dominique is a Master at her craft in using the voice and singing as well as creating a powerful container for healing through the voice. She is funny and authentic when it comes to her role in teaching and facilitating. I overcame fears of using my voice. I learned how to keep my anchor instead of getting carried away into the beat or into the fear of not knowing where to go next. I learned to ground into my body and receive my own voice and what it has to offer for my own spiritual journey. I loved learning about the scales and different practices. I recommend you to DO IT! Jump in to the unknown. Dom holds you while challenging your edges. This is an opportunity to go deep yet stay above water. There is a healthy balance of masculine structure and feminine flow. If you are looking to break through resistance, owning your voice and your truth this is the workshop to try.

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Ksenia Schnieder - RUSSIA

"Honestly, I didn’t know that an online free trial vocal session could be so deep. Besides some basic techniques provided, there was created a space where there it’s ok to be who you are. The improvisation part was quite deep(and fun!) for me too. As a amateur singer, I’m always interested in discovering new techniques, but with Dominique I started to discover myself. She’s the one who will create a space and guide you to meet your heart and to sing from there!"

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