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5 Affirmations


The Bundle 

Guided Meditations, Affirmations & Soundscapes 

Abundance, Manifestation, & Empowerment Dominique Zuniga
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Ocean of RememberanceDominique Zuniga
00:00 / 01:07
You are Not Alone Dominique Zuniga
00:00 / 00:31

10  soundscapes, 5 affirmations & 6 guided meditations. Varying from 5-45 minutes long. A journey through the alchemy of sound. May it heal & transform you.  

$ 55.00 USD

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The Bundle 1 

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1 Vocal Course , Affirmations, Soundscapes, Guided Meditations 

Get 1 Vocal Course. 5 inspiring affirmations. A library of 10 soundscapes, & 6 guided meditations.

$ 75 USD

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Tell me what is troubling you & I will send you a private sound healing from my heart to yours. 

BONUS Custom Soundscape


The Bundle 2

2 Courses, Guided Meditations, Soundscapes, Affirmations & Custom Soundscape

11 Hours worth of vocal courses. Includes workbook template & audio MP3 Files. BONUS Concert series. 15-10 minutes worth of soundscapes & 6 guided meditations. PLUS 5 Empowering affirmations.  Custom Soundscape for your heart.  

$ 150.00 USD

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The Bundle 3

2 Courses, Guided Meditations, Soundscapes, Affirmations, Custom Soundscape & Calabash


$ 300

Buy 1 Get 6 Free

11 Hours worth of vocal courses. Includes workbook template & audio MP3 Files. BONUS Concert series. 15-10 minutes worth of soundscapes & 6 guided meditations. PLUS 5 Empowering affirmations. Custom Soundscape journey.

16 inch. Calabash drum from Ghana , Africa. Includes PDF Songbook + MP3 audio versions & a tutorial video to practice at home. Packed & blessed by Dominique + BONUS hand written thank you letter.  

$ 300.00 USD


About Dominique as a World Musician & Vocal Artist

Dominique started singing at the age of thirteen, and has been mesmerized by the life that has embraced her ever since her vocal awakening journey began. 


She has traveled the world studying Amazonian Medicine Culture , Middle Eastern Sufi, and Classical Indian style of singing. She combines these elements creating her own unique and authentic sound.


Having received opera training at the age of 18 as a Mezzo Soprano, hitting bone chilling soaring high notes is her specialty and pure pleasure.

She travels throughout the world offering concerts & working with people to encourage them to unlock their vocal alchemy.

" Join me in this Unique Experience. I will take you on a Journey of discovering your own soul through your voice. With authentic exercises guided from a holistic approach , anybody can do it!


 You do not have to be a singer to take this course. It is about using your voice from a therapeutic approach. Heal & awaken parts within yourself you did not know existed."


                                                                                      - Dominique


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1. Do I need to be a singer to take this course? 

NO. You do not need to be a singer to take this course.

This course was created to heal. To be fun , simple & interactive.

To guide you into deeper connection with yourself.

2. Is this a LIVE ONLINE course? 

NO. This is a pre-recorded self-paced online course. Watch at home from anywhere at your own time ! 


3. How does this work ? 

I give you a link. You create an account & watch me at home on TV or on your phone like you watch Netflix. 
Instead of Netflix, you will use a website called "Kajabi." This is the best platform for online courses. You will watch all 8 of my videos, 20 minutes each here just like this. There are no additional PDF files for my mini course , "Voices of Nature." Additional PDF files & MP3 files come with my ONLY in my FULL Course, "Voices of the World." 





4. What if I am intimidated or scared ? 

I understand. I was not born a singer. It took me 5 years to have the courage to sing & another 5 years to sing in front of people. This course is not about sounding the most beautiful. It is about discovering your own authenticity through the voice. It is not designed to make you feel bad about yourself. It is created to make you feel good . Take this leap with me. It might change your life. 

5. What if I have zero experience? 

The voice, just like any other part of your body, is a muscle. The more you exercise it, the more flexible and playful you can become. There are plenty of step-by step techniques to help you expand your vocal range easily. Daily vocal warm-ups will naturally make your voice stronger. These warm-ups are playful, easy , & expansive. 

Also this course isn't just about singing. It is about connecting to your soul through nature. An invitation to be spontaneous and try something new. 






6. What if I have a HUGE BLOCK in my throat chakra? 

I highly recommend you take this course as it is an unconventional approach to awaken your throat chakra. Engaging more primitive techniques. 

7. What if I am a singer? Will I benefit from this course? 

Yes. You will learn more techniques to expand your vocal range & world songs ranging from easy to advanced. 

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