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Guided Meditations

Made with Tender Softness & Pure Love 

Each Accompanied by Custom Made Binaural Beats / Music to Stimulate the Brainwaves


Guided Morning - Return to the breathe

10  Mins. 

Wake Up in the morning with ease as this gentle voice guides you deeper into presence with your very own breathe. Relax and start your day off in peace. 




Guided Night-Time
Return to the Womb

45 Mins. 

Go to bed as if falling to rest in the womb. Listen back and relax as this tender loving voice guides you deeper into presence of your Pulse. Putting you at last, into a deep and peaceful sleep.




Manifestation , Empowerment & Affirmation

20 Mins. 

Every Moment we have a choice to choose how to respond to what life hands us. Feel Empowered & at peace as you are guided into deeper remembrance of your own personal power. 




Inner Child-
Light Language Transmission

30 Mins.

Feel Comforted as a young child nestled with its mother. Incorporating ASMR to stimulate the senses as well as light language to comfort the soul. 



Sample Morning Guided Meditation Dominique Zuniga
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Sample Track 

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