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 Dominique is a creative being at heart. She is of Saudi Arabian & Mexican descent, but born in California, USA. She began her career as a fine art model, however, music was always a primordial force within her. 

   It was an opportunity that changed the course of her life forever. One day she received a call from a photographer, who also happened to be a theater director. After a number of great photoshoots for an upcoming fashion book, she was asked to partake in the Native American Opera, "Kokopelli." There she played the lead role of "Priestess Tonatzin" - otherwise known as Mother Earth, or Native American version of Mother Mary. This is where her career as a musician truly began. She received opera training, and many more opportunities shortly after to travel the world and study culture, world music, and depths of spirituality. 

   She traveled throughout India with a "Baba Baul" - a devotee to Mystic Singing, and stayed in the villages of wise beings studying spiritual practices. She spent some time in Egypt, learning about the ancient ways of the land and singing holy songs. She has been greatly influenced by the medicine cultures of South America, and has been trained to assist in healing plant medicine ceremonies guided by the path of shamanism. 

It seems divinely aligned in the stars that she would travel the world and unveil life's greatest treasures of magic & mystery.


   It is her mission to bring forth healing to this planet, and music is her favorite tool to translate her dharma. 


Mystic Music

Fine Art Modeling

Zem's Way


Metanoia (Spiritual Awakening) 
Sophrosyne ( Greek meaning Healthy Mind) 

Zem's Way Philosophy

"What if Religion was each other? If our practice was our life? If prayer was our words? What if the temple was our Earth? If forests were our church ? If holy water-the rivers, lakes, and oceans? What if meditation were our relationships ? If the teacher was life? If wisdom was knowledge ? If love were the centre of our being ?"


                                                                   -Agent El 

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