Women's Empowerment 

Dominique Zuniga completed her 200 hour teacher training course based on Women's Empowerment in the Summer of April 2018 in Thailand called Shakti Spirit® led by Monika Nataraj. This course was completed through the Tantra Yoga School, Agamaone of Thailand's most well-known Tantra school's. 

Her approach is based on creating a safe space for creative self-exploration to elevate and enlighten your state of being. She guides you into connecting deeper to yourself based on traditional Tantra, Sufi Mysticism, and  a Shamanic approach. Dominique does so in a new age fashion implementing her own authentic style . She incorporates a lot of sound, movement, and breath work invoking the natural rhythms and spiritual essence of life.

workshops & ceremonies




Join My  

Rediscover your inner divine feminine as I guide you through a series of empowerment practices and guides .

This includes :

-Vocal Activation Exercises
-Kundalini Yoga
-Guided Meditation
-Pranayama Breath Work 
Medicine Movement, Explore the Rhythm of your body
- Art Therapy Techniques to tap into your creativity. 
- Emotional Healing , Releasing Old Traumas
- Studying the History of the Goddess Archetypes
- At Home Ceremony's & Ritual Guides
- Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Practices 

Join me on this journey as we co-create and interweave the sacred feminine together. 


$111 USD
per session / 4th session 50% off 

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In Person 

One on One Women's Empowerment Sessions 

If you are in Koh Phangan, Thailand. You are in for a real treat! Join me as we journey deep beneath this crystalized sea and into the depths of the jungle as we unleash our inner Wild Woman and Invoke the Sacred Feminine. 

This Includes: 
- Private Ceremony's and Rituals 
- Guided Yoga & Meditation at home 
- Private Sound Healing Sessions 
- Affirmations 
- Vocal Activation 
- Womb Cleansing 
-  Medicine Movement 
- Art Therapy ,Tapping into Creativity 
- Releasing Emotional Traumas 
- Cacao Ceremony 
- Plant Medicine Work 

Join me as we explore some of the most richest locations on this magical crystal island and do deep healing work. Honoring the sacred feminine. 


1,000 BHT/ hr 
Half Day (4 hours) - 4,000 BHT
Full Day (8 hours)  - 8,000 BHT