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 Dominique Zuniga  Presents: 

Voice of the Mystic

A Vocal Awakening Journey 

2 DAYS | men & Women welcome

A Devotional Deep Dive into the instrument that is you 

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April 8th - 9th

The Center
San Fransisco

1-6 PM



we will have Breaks Throughout the sessions


Day 1 

Opening Lotus

6-9 PM

Welcome & Introduction
My Story with my Voice
Vocal Meditation 
Opening Invocation 
Warm-Ups & Technique
Indian/ Arabian Scales 
Closing Songs

Closing Invocation 


Day 2 

Depth of the Divine


1-6 PM

Meditation & Invocation 
Arabian Scales
Heart Language Decoding

Primitive African Chants
Cathartic Exercises for
Vocal Release
Soft Guidance to improvisation
Closing Heart Songs

Closing Invocation 


A Mystical Cathartic Experience.
Journey deeper into your soul using your voice as your guide.

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Voice Awakening Journey

Inside the


Are you afraid of the mystery? Do you entice the unknown? In what ways, can you be more free from yourself? Do you love yourself, even when it's most difficult?

These are the themes we will provoke while using the voice as our guide. Moving through the subconscious in a very intimate & vulnerable way. 

This is not just a singing class.
This is an immersive experience guided from a ceremonial & cathartic perspective.   

This is a journey of the heart. You will learn to develop a more intimate connection with your voice as you would with a dear friend or lover.

In essence, the voice becomes a magnifying glass for how you see yourself. 

Do not fear the journey of truth. 
Expansion is not linear. Befriend your discomfort. Be brave because you can. 

The collective consciousness depends on our ability to expand it. Take advantage of the tools that present themselves as an opportunity for you to go journey deeper into your own self-discovery. 

Let go of the singer archetype. 
You do not need to be a singer to connect to the purity of your voice. 

A ceremonial like atmosphere will be created to enhance a transcendent experience. Custom formulas & exercises are created to expand your perspective about the voice.

Subtle vocal techniques based from Indian/Pakistan to enhance your voice muscles will be applied. Also including soft guidance to improvisation. Create your own language of sound. Incorporating songs from throughout the world. 

This journey is open to people of all levels of experience. Whether if you are a professional or have no experience at all . All are welcome.

Typically no photos or videos are allowed to honor the integrity of the space. 

A truly divine, expansive, & intimate experience awaits.  


Voice of the mystic

20 Spaces total

men & Women Welcome

Includes Vocal Courses

To Study at home

Trailer to Vocal Course "Voices of Nature" 

  • SIX  20 MIN. Videos 

  • TWO 10 Min. Videos  - (2 hours & 20 mins. total )

  • All filmed in Nature with high quality video  

  • Custom holistic Exercises

  • Catharsis & Unique Practices 

  • Classical Indian & Number Scales

  • Soft Guidance to improvisation 

Your Host:

Dominique Zuniga

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Spotify

World Renowned Vocal Artist, & Multi- instrumentalist. Originating from Saudi Arabian and Mexican descent. Signed with record label "Cafe de Anatolia."

Just released a cinematic world music album titled , "Ikalgi." Now available on all platforms.

She has traveled the world studying music, medicine, & ceremonial space-holding.

Her musical influences are Amazonian Medicine Culture , Middle Eastern Sufi, and Classical Indian. She combines these elements creating her own unique and raw sound.


Having received opera training at the age of 19 as a Mezzo Soprano, hitting soaring high notes is her specialty and pure pleasure. She encourages people to connect with their voice through online seminars, ceremonies & retreats throughout the world.

Reviews from Around The World


The Exchange 


General Admission

* 20 Spaces Available *

This Includes: 

  • A 10 hour Voice awakening immersive experience. Both technical & cathartic approaches. Learn classical Indian scales & more. Move beyond the subconscious. Touch the unseen with your voice.


  • Including online vocal courses
    "Voices of Nature" & "Voices of the World" to study at home. 

  • Including the "Sanctuary of Soundscapes" bundle. Dreamy meditation music to put you to sleep & help you relax. 10 Songs total.

  • Including 6 Guided Meditations & 5 Guided affirmations with custom music to assist you during difficult times. 

  • $500 Value in Content 

  • 13 Hours of Live Support 


$333 USD

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