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Vocal Voyage

A 90 hour vocal artistry training in Thailand 

Journey into the ancient majesty of your voice to liberate your authentic expressions that hungers to come to life.

Embody the voice of the divine & become a living transmission.  


May 6-24th 2024


3 weeks  |  15 days
May 6-24th | Weekends off

6 hours a day
3 hours morning | 3 hours night


Lunch included

*Accommodation not included

A Mystery School into the magic of your voice

I have created and curated a safe space to explore and become more intimate with yourself.

To bring yourself deeper into your authentic expression and bring it to life!

This is the journey where we create through our soul, through our hearts voice. 

The Vocal Voyager creates through having a conversation with creation. 

In these 3 weeks you will learn...

  • In-depth practical vocal techniques 

  • How to develop your vocal artistry & style 

  • Expand your philosophy on the interconnectiveness of your voice & life 

  • Discover the Medicine of sound & silence 

  • Connect to your own authentic channel

  • Learn ancient theory & melodies 

  • Learn world songs & lyrical songwriting exercise 

  • Emotional artistry / Sing with devotion 

  • The business & marketing of the sound alchemist 

  • Embrace the language of your heART 

  • Make an instrument of your body connecting you to source 

  • Feel more free & alive 

  • Experience pure ecstasy as you sing your heart out 

  • Cultivate community of radical self-expression 

  • Embody living poetry 

  • Deeper attunement to the harmony of life 

What if I don't like the sound of my voice? 

What if I am terrified of singing in front of people? 

What if I have no desire to become a professional singer?

Beloved soul, you do not have to be a singer to connect to the purity of your voice. 
Just as you don't have to be a scientist to connect & love all parts of your being. 

We do not sing from a place of dogmatic threat, but to discover ourselves in a more intimate way.

To learn to love every part of ourselves that comes to surface through our voice.

The more you learn to love yourself where it's most uncomfortable while journeying through your voice, the more your voice will become harmonious naturally.


To connect to your voice is to be deeply attuned to the rhythms of your soul in a profoundly intimate way.

Your unique compass that will guide you along your way in this mystery of life.  

It is time to discover the language of your heART!

You are made up of pure passion & love.
Creation is not something you need to learn.
You already are it just by being.

You are the creator.
Your voice is the compass.


​Each week journey into new world music & cultures.

Featuring special guest teachers &

BONUS weekend concerts

Week one: India
Week two : Arabia
Week three:



Each of the 15 days is devoted to two immersive workshops:

A 3-hour morning segment dedicated to voice technique, preparing the body-mind for practice through muscle refinement warm-ups and developing vocal athleticism.  

A 3-hour evening segment focused on vocal artistry, playfulness, ancient world songs  & improvisation.

We can’t wait to sing with you!

9 am
10 am 
12 pm  
2 pm 
6 pm 

Weekends - off - free time 

Voice theory
Nature adventure /  free  time
Vocal Voyage 

BONUS welcome free guests to special concerts & events
on the island featuring Dominique’s performances



Full payment $2,700
3 payments of  $1,000
4 payments of $750
6 payments of $500

Thailand & Bali Residence

Full payment of $1,200 
3 payments of  $500
4 payments of $375
6 payments of $250 

Includes one meal a day 
Men  &  Women welcome

* NOT including accommodation
*Spaces are limited

About Dominique


Dominique is a creative being at heart.

She is of Saudi Arabian & Mexican descent, but born in California, USA.

She began her career as a fine art model, however, music was always a primordial force within her. 

An opportunity from a photographer/theatre director changed the course of her life forever. She played a lead role and this began her career as a musician.


She received opera training, and many more opportunities to travel the world to study culture, world music, and the depths of spirituality. 

She traveled throughout India with a "Baba Baul" - a devotee to Mystic Singing - and stayed in the villages of wise beings studying yogic practices & music. 

She has been greatly influenced by the medicine cultures of South America, plant medicines have become her greatest alley in communing with her most authentic sounds. The nostalgic cries of middle eastern music has also shaped her sound immensely. Dominique has not had the easiest upbringing , yet that pain brought her the beautiful life she lives today. 
In her journeys through world sounds, music & songs she discovered how middle eastern music carries the painfully beautiful essence that is life. 

It seems divinely aligned in the stars that she would travel the world and unveil life's greatest treasures of magic & mystery. She has hosted countless concerts & retreats embracing the art of living in tune with the ceremony of life through sound. When you find your tune, you attune yourself to greater harmony with all of life's many songs. 

It is her mission to create unimaginable worlds of magic, rich with depth, & beauty to this planet. Music is her favourite tool to translate her dharma. 


Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 13.30.19.png

" I began her course without knowing that this will lead to a deep level of connecting to myself. And Dominique created a safe space that allowed me to share my inner feelings with everyone. So it felt like a breakthrough not only in technical terms because I didn’t know how high my voice can get but also in spiritual terms. I’m thankful for this life changing experience, that I can recommend to everyone. " 

Hanna Van Der Wick | Germany

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