Vocal Activation 

Dominique Zuniga is a classically trained Opera singer and multi- instrumentalist.

She began singing and playing guitar at the age of 13. At the age of 18, she received the opportunity to perform in the Native American opera " Kokopelli" along side with famous opera singer, Isola Jones. This was the foundation of what embarked her career as an alto soprano.

She began to tour throughout Europe performing on the streets. Then she took her journey to the eastern world , India. In india she traveled with a Baba Baul ( devotee to music) and received the opportunity to tour with him throughout India.  

She is now based in Koh Phangan, Thailand offering workshops and retreats . She is currently working on releasing her first album "Sunai" and is working on many projects with musicians all over the world. 

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Via Skype 

Premium - 1hr/ 100 USD 
Customized lesson plan Understand the fundamentals and basics of opening up the voice. Learning how to overcome fear of judgment and replacing it with a passion for expression. 

Gold - 3 sessions / 300 USD 
Learn certain techniques and how to apply them appropriately. Gain a deeper understanding with rhythm and timing. Learn how to project your voice from the diaphragm. 

The Package - 5 Sessions / 500 USD 
Learn how to connect traditional eastern and western styles . Developing your own technique. Finding your own unique sound as we implement the spirit of alchemy with logic.