Connect with Your                                               Authentic Expression...

The voice is such a powerful tool to heal yourself. You have the ability to raise your own vibration with the power of your very own sound. Imagine being able elevate your being with the tone of your Inner resonance ? 

Learn Basic Techniques

Learn the basics on how to express your voice. Practice Pitch Control , Resonance, & Discover your vocal range. Understand your strengths and what areas you can improve on. Expand your knowledge on the anatomy of the voice and how it works. 

Release Fear of Judgment...

"The truth is , anybody can sing. If you have a voice, You can sing. It is a matter of exercising the muscle and cultivating muscle memory." 

Gain the confidence to share your voice. With many releasing fear of judgment practices provided as well as, basic easy step-by-step guidance to expand your vocal knowledge.

Learn to be a Channel 

"The first sound we hear in the womb is the heartbeat. It is our primal instinct and basic birth right to sing and dance. We simply forgot, in our busy daily lives, how to remember the resonance that lies within as children so often easily do."  

What if singing was as easy as breathing? What if singing was as natural as your heart beating ? Learn to get out of your own way and let pure sound come through you. 

Going Beyond the Basics

Dominique provides an authentic session that not only teaches you how to sing, but how to further tap into your creative expression and connect with your spirit. Be touched and mesmerized by the precious practices provided. Singing two part harmonies accompanied with authentic world instruments. Touch transcendence with your voices harmonizing together. 

What Is Provided ?  

  • Daily Vocal Warm- Ups 

  • Mp3 Files & PDF Files to study at Home

  • Releasing Fear of Judgment Techniques 

  • Pitch Control 

  • Resonance & Vibrato 

  • Access Your Vocal Range

  • Lyrical Writing 

  • Practice Improvising 

  • Creating a Safe & Comfortable Space to Explore Your Sound

  • Enhance Creativity & Spiritual Connection to Oneself



"Although, it is a voice training session, personally speaking, it is more than that. In today’s session, I explored more on practicing the following concepts: releasing my own self-judgment , feeling safe to explore , more relaxation with my voice muscles,  and being able to be more in a meditative state.

Also, I purely feel Dominique’s voice is so beautiful. When I practice and hear her voice with my eyes closed, I feel like I am surrounded in beauty. Just hearing her say one sound Is so beautiful!  I just feel happy hearing her! "

Life Coach

Jiaii Rin


"Beautiful Jungle Singing Fairy.
Thank you for making my last day on the island so special.
You fulfilled a wish of my soul.
I came  for a singing lesson. I was privileged to receive a beautiful encounter of sharing our vocals and inner melodies together.
I felt your pure intention to being there for what I needed, gently and fully listening to my calling, both of heart and voice.
Thank you for the guidance, thank you for embracing and enabling a heart opening experience. I felt like a flower in your loving hands.
In between I was touched by the sparkle of your tears (you beautiful sensitive soul), the wise messages that came to me through you, and the hug we had to share after every song.
Feeling happy and grateful for this new friendship and also appreciate the open conversation and trust we shared.
Love 💗🌷💗 Gratitude

Business Owner

Maleya Rosis Eliran


Dominique Zuniga is a professional vocal artist and multi- instrumentalist.

At the age of 13, she began to play guitar and sing. She later received opera training offering her first performance at the “Tempe Center for Performing Arts” in Phoenix, Arizona at the age of 18, as a Mezzo Soprano.

Especially influenced by the indigenous shamanic medicine culture, she began to work with plant medicines and connect with the songs of the amazons known as; "Icaros."
She now combines many worldly influences creating her own unique style, listed as “Shamanic operatic.”

Dominique also began to tour throughout Europe performing on the streets. Then she took her journey to the eastern world , India. In india she traveled with a Baba Baul (devotee and singer of Mystic Music) and studied classical Indian Mystic Music.   

She has traveled all over the world creating world music tours with exquisite musicians and offering vocal activation retreats and workshops.

Now based in Koh Phangan, Thailand, she currently released her first EP "Sadhu" which can be found on bandcamp. 

Dominique uses her voice as an instrument to connect and unite the people deeper within themselves and to spirit.

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