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  Dominique Zuniga Presents: 


A women's Voice & Drum Immersion 

October 14 - 16th  | Hilo, HI 

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Divine Sisters,
Here to hold you.
Embrace every single cell of you.
So the rhythm of our souls
May sing another home
The pulse of my being
Swims in the sea of your melodies
Full Spectrum Divinity.
U n e a r t h  .

Connect with Your Sisters sing & drum | 3 Days

Your pulse is the rhythm of this earth. Your voice is the timeless sea.
Your blood, the elixir of being a woman.
Listen deeply.
You are the one you have been waiting for.
Honor the call. 

Space is Limited  15 Women Total



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Day 1


Date: Oct.14th
Time: 1-6 PM


Sharing Circle 
Opening Voice Ceremony 
Technique & Scales 
Cathartic Exercises 
Closing Songs
Mystical Lullaby Sound Journey Concert



Day 2


Date: Oct. 15th 
Time: 1-6 PM

Sharing Circle 
Opening Drum Ceremony 
Rhythm & Timing 
Group Songs 
Mystical Lullaby Sound Journey Concert 



Day 3


Date: Oct. 16th
Time:1-6 PM

Integration Circle
Guided Meditation 
Warrior Woman Ritual
African Chanting 
Drum & Voice 
Closing Songs 



the Voice

This is not just a singing class. This is an immersive experience guided from a ceremonial & cathartic perspective.   

In this 5 Hour journey , you will learn to develop a more intimate connection with your voice as you would with a dear friend.  

This is about letting go of the singer archetype & connecting to the purity of your voice as it is. This is about letting go of your desire to be somebody special & realizing that you already are. Stepping into allowing & out of controlling.

Eventually , you will see, the journey of the voice is in direct alignment with the journey of your soul. 

A ceremonial like atmosphere will be created to enhance a transcendent experience. Custom formulas & exercises are created to expand your perspective about the voice.

Subtle vocal techniques based from Indian/Pakistan to enhance your voice muscles will be applied. Also including soft guidance to improvisation. Create your own language of sound. Incorporating songs from throughout the world. 

This journey is open to people of all levels of experience. Whether if you are a professional or have no experience at all . All are welcome. 

A truly divine, expansive, & intimate experience awaits.  

Drums on Sand

the Drum

The Calabash

In African music, the calabash is a percussion instrument of the family of idiophones consisting of a half of a large calabash, which is struck with the palms, fingers, wrist or objects to produce a variety of percussive sounds. 

The Calabash is made of a pumpkin or gourd from West Africa. Typically played in the water or under a cushion. 

We will learn basic rhythms , finger techniques, songs, & how to improvise. 

At the end of the immersion, you will have the choice to keep your calabash or not for an additional cost of $75 - $100 USD depending on the size. 

There are only 8 available for purchase. Reserve Yours below. Directly message me for special inquires. 

Your Host:


Dominique Zuniga

Dominique Zuniga is a world renowned Vocal Artist & World Multi instrumentalist.

She originates from Saudi Arabian and Mexican descent. She has traveled the world studying music, medicine, & ceremonial space-holding.​


Her musical influences are Amazonian Medicine Culture , Middle Eastern Sufi, and Classical Indian. She combines these elements creating her own unique and authentic sound.


Having received opera training at the age of 19 as a Mezzo Soprano, hitting soaring high notes is her specialty and pure pleasure. She encourages people to connect with their voice through online seminars & retreats throughout the world.



Pricing Options


Day One : The Voice

5 Spaces Available

Accommodation not included 

This Includes:  

  • 1 Days & 5 hours 

  • 1 Online Vocal Course
    ($75 Value) to practice Songs & lessons  at home. 

  • Fruits & Tea


$50 USD

2 Part:

$125 USD



1 Space Available

Accommodation not included 

2 Part Payment Plan is Available
2nd half of payment is due the first day of the immersion. 

This Includes:  

  • 3 Days & 15 hours 

  • 1 Vocal Course & Unearth Songbook + MP3 of Calabash Songs to practice at home 

  • Keep the "Calabash" Drum for an additional cost of $100 USD.

  • Fruits & Tea


$250 USD

2 Part:

$125 USD

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