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Online Self-Paced Course

Sound Healing

with Dominique Zuniga

Unlike any other

Sound Healing course

- here you will learn, not only the

technical aspects, but also the true

essence of the ancient art of

Healing through Sound.

You will learn to connect

with Self. You Will Learn

To Flow.

Save $200


August 2021


by ordering


How & Why It Works

The Magic Of Sound Healing is Simple

Sound Healing works through vibration.

Everything within the Universe is energy in different states, vibrating at different frequencies. Even "solid" matter is simply energy vibrating at a slower rate - that includes us.

Sound, of course, is a vibration, and different sound frequencies affect us in different ways, some in beneficial, some, not so much. 

The art of Sound Healing works through allowing us to connect with Self, and channel beneficial vibrations of sounds, balancing us, opening and aligning our energy flow, and much more.


       It is fun, intuitive, and yours by right -

                                                                          this course is simply here to help you re-member

Effects & Benefits

Connecting Your Self With Sound Creates a Chain Reaction


CONNECTION - first an foremost, Sound Healing is about creating a harmonious connection with Self, and with the Universe around you (same thing, really, which this is important :)


ALIGNMENT & BALNCE - once there is a connection, it is easy to create a balance - between your and the Universe, between your body and your mind, as well as within your energy Flow (harmonizing chakras and meridians)


 HEALING OF THE BODY - once the there is balance, the body is able to heal, harmonizing its vibrations down to the cell level, and all the way to your DNA 


 CLARITY OF THE MIND - the calm, clear, meditative state you achieve is something you get to carry out of Sound Healing and into your day, or into your sleep - allowing you to better control your mind, to easier observe your ego, and more

 GOOD MOOD (HIGH VIBES) - in a balanced, harmonious state, you are likely to spend most of your time in what were call "good mood" - high vibes, attracting more of the same


 FUN, INSPIRATION, & CREATIVITY - high vibes quickly translate into a state of Flow, the natural, happy state of any sentient being, a creative state in which we get to channel divine  inspiration into the world, with fun, passion, and ease

 RESONANCE - finally, all this creates a resonance with the Universe, an energy attraction based exchange, in which, through the most unexpected, serendipitous ways, all you love is manifested for you 


About Dominique and Sound Healing

To be honest, it took us (her friends) a little effort to convince

Dominique to create this course. She had no idea this is not something all people do intuitively and regularly, like brushing teeth.  Dominique spends most of her days fully immersed into learning, making, or performing her amazing Mystic Music, so Sound Healing is simply part of her day and second nature to her.

We more or less explained the need, and after doing some research online, she fervently agreed to make this course. Mostly, she was very surprised (and a bit disconcerted) to find how basic and purely technical most of the currently offered courses are. So, she has set out to create something closer to the Truth. Not just a course, an Experience. 


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An Experience, in which one can learn to connect to Self through Sound - feel it, not just learn it or even understand it. Because, she insists, that is what it is - a Feeling. It is Flow. The settings, the instruments, the methods will vary from one practitioner to another, but the Feeling is always the same.             Connection.             Flow.               Harmony.             This is what this course is really about. 

Your Instructor
Course Content

Course Content - All in High Quality Recording - All for Lifetime Access 

History& Background

You will learn about the ancient culture of Sound Healing and the formulas for this course.

Settings & Atmosphere

This section is about opening invocation rituals & special tools to keep a high vibrational space. 

Sound Sensitivity

Perhaps the most important part of Sound Healing. You will learn to tune into the delicate nature of being, and to take best care of your receiver. 

Modes Of Healing

We will explore the various ways of sound healing: self healing, one on one, sound baths, groups, and concerts.

Instruments & Methods 

We will go over a variety of instruments, and how to use them harmoniously - bowls, bells, drums, gongs, loops station, and more.


You will also learn to use your own Voice.

Mantras & Light Language Formulas

A big portion of  this course is mantras and light language codes which you will receive at the end of each session. 

Closing Space

This is important, as receivers get into a sensitive, trans-like state during Sound healing. Here you will learn how to close space with the best intention. Discover closing mantras & tools to close the session with integrity. 

Specialized Sound Journeys

This course will included four 30 minute long specialized Sound Journey sets from Dominique. You will lifetime access to these, so you can immerse and heal yourself any time, perhaps even as you fall asleep each night. 

The Dome Concert

The Dome is a very special venue on the island where Dominique lives, and is, perhaps, her favorite place to perform. You will get a high quality sound recording of one full Sound Healing Journey from the Dome - a truly special thing to share. 

A Clip of a Sound Healing Concert with Dominique

Example Video
Sing Up Sale

The Course is Going to Be Released in August 2021 - Get it Now & Save:


Current:  Early Bird Price - $99 

July:        Pre-Sale          - $199

August:   Regular Price    -$299


A Message From Dominique

It is my intention to create not just a course, but an Experience that will guide you deeper into the alchemy of your soul. A rich journey of sound can be a journey of self-discovery, into the depths of your being.  Your body has the potential to be the bridge between Earth and higher realms. Sound

has literally saved my life, and it is my honor to share with you the magic of how one can communicate to other realms beyond what we can see with our physical body. 

                                                                        - Dominique 

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