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Sound Healing Course

With Dominique Zuniga

Coming : August 21st 2021 

Personalized Sound Journeys 


Tips & Classes 


What is Included?

- 8 Hours of Video Content
- 4 Hours of Tips & Classes 
- 4 Hours of Private Sound Journey's 
- 4 Mantras / Sacred Songs with audio MP3 + Lyrics PDF
- BONUS : 1 Hour Closing Ceremony Concert 

Course Modules 

1. Introduction - 30mins 

Learn about the ancient history of sound healing from various cultures throughout the world. Understand Dominique's background  & the fundamentals of this course. 

Opening Sound Journey Ceremony - 30 mins. 

2. Atmosphere & Setting - 30 mins. 

Learn how to prepare your space accordingly. The key of each singing bowl & how to place them in a harmonious order and MORE. 

Sound Journey for Earth - 30 mins. 

3. Developing Sensitivity to Sound - 30 mins

Sensitivity to sound is the most important factor when hosting a sound journey. Learn to become more intimate with pure sound vibration and take gentle care of your audience. 

Sound Journey for water - 30 mins. 

4. Different Ways you can Work - 30 mins.

Learn the difference between working 1-1, in a group setting or concert like setting. Understand how to best prepare yourself in any given circumstance. 

Sound Journey for Fire - 30 mins. 

5. The Instruments - 30 mins. 

Sound Journey for air - 30 mins. 

Learn about the various instruments I use & how to work with them. This includes the loop station, handpan , & more. 

6. Mantras & Light Language Formulas - 30 mins.

Sound Journey for the ethers - 30 mins. 

Learn about the ancient Sanskrit language. Sing mantras & sacred songs.  Learn how to improvise them in different melodies with my light language formulas. 

7. Closing Space - 30 mins. 

Learn how to close space with sensitivity to your audience. Sometimes people may go to very deep places, it is important you ground them back into their bodies safely. 

8. BONUS: Sound Journey Concert - 1hr. 

Join me for this exclusive concert series at my weekly venue on my island Koh phangan, Thailand. ."The Dome" - is a mystical place filled with rich ambiance. Enjoy this special experience from your home. 

Sample Video : 


Dominique Zuniga 

Dominique Zuniga is a World Vocal Artist, & Multi- instrumentalist born in California.

Originating from Saudi Arabian and Mexican descent . She has been based in Koh Phangan , Thailand for the past few years .


Especially influenced by Amazonian Medicine Culture , Middle Eastern Sufi , and Classical Indian style of singing. She combines these elements creating her own unique and raw sound .


Having received opera training at the age of 18 as a Mezzo Soprano, hitting bone chilling soaring high notes is her specialty and pure pleasure .


Using her voice to create inner transmissions is her intention . With the support of ceremonial or atmospheric settings , relax into a fluid flow of healing sound scapes .


Her creative alchemy has taken her all over the world. She hosts many workshops, retreats, concerts & ceremonies using the power of sound to unveil life's greatest mysteries.



Pre-Order Sale 

Sale Ends: June 13th 2021


Sound Healing Course

Pre-order your 8 Hour Sound Healing Course for less than the launched retail price. Receive a BONUS guided meditation & light language track for ordering in advance. You will be the first to receive this course once it is launched on August 21st, 2021. Have lifetime access & early bird perks. 

Launch Price : $350 USD

Pre-Sale Price : $97 USD

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