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Fine Art Model 

 Dominique Zuniga is 22 years old. She is a Full-time Professional International Model and creative director based in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Within her first 2 years of modeling, she had the great privilege and honor to be sponsored to model in 5 different continents,  over 10 different countries, and was featured in her first published magazine and made the Cover of 7hues' March Issue "Tribal Beauty."  Her passions have taken her all over the world. She is humbled to have had many enriching experiences to learn and share the journey with many. 

She believes, the body is an extension of the soul. Yet , she is not attached to it , as it is only temporary. Without this attachment, this guides her to surrender to the infinite beauty, freedom , and poetry of not only her body , but to life itself. She serves as a channel , not only to create RAW captivating images , but to make the viewers feel something , to provide an experience.  

She works with passionate like minded artists that push the boundaries and challenge the common eye. She also works with and for videographers , designers, exhibitions , portfolio purposes and workshops.

Reliable, professional, passionate, and easy going. She is known for her creativity and desire to help her collaborators to achieve their goals as well as to push her work ethics and challenge herself. Dominique values human interaction, is driven and very result-oriented, She is dedicated to creating artistic and memorable enriching experiences.

Makeup, Hair & Styling:

  • Makeup : I do my own makeup. I like to keep it simple and natural . I always bring my makeup kit for touch-ups. 

  • Hair : I also style my natural hair

  • Wardrobe & Styling : I have an excellent sense of style. I own an impressive collection of rare and unique pieces for shooting purposes that I have collected from all over the world.  My favorites are from Thailand and Egypt. I am able to provide a variety of wardrobe on set and craft some myself as well . 


  • I have a wide range of expressions and fluid poses.  I specialize in feeding into my environment and off of the connection of the person I am working with. 

  • I can pose with or without directionHowever, I work best with minimal guidance and the freedom of my own movements. Nevertheless, I value directions when it comes to the technical things such as ; "slightly move your hand to the left , " or "face the light.' As I cannot see the other side , you can , so I encourage you to use this to your advantage and don't hesitate to give me guidance. 



  • My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing : is to go a great distance to execute a phenomenal shot ! You will find as we shoot I like to climb , explore, dive into the dirt,  and run around and see how far I can go. It is what makes me feel ALIVE I am craving to be challenged with adventure ! So please , if you know of any special places , TAKE ME ! 


  • I practice yoga, rock climbing , skateboarding, biking and am flexible. I can contort myself into many different and unique shapes and positions.


In USD , Other currencies To Be Discussed 

I offer $100 Hourly / $350 Half Day (4h) / $700 Full Day (8h) rates
*Rates negotiable depending on the content of the project 

Cancellation Policy - 50% deposit or equivalent cancellation fee

My services include:

  • Modeling time and experience,

  • Makeup & Hair

  • Styling & Wardrobe

  • Creative Direction & Expression  

Trade to be considered in exchange for , 

  • Accommodation

    • References mandatory

  • Paid Transportation 

  • ​Editorial , Published or Unique Artistic Concept 



       Hair : dark brown (short)  - neck length  

  • Eye color : dark brown

  • Skin color : dark brown 

  • Ethnicity: Middle Eastern , Mexican , Native American 


 5’3 Feet 

163 CM



US- 0 




US - 6.5 

UK - 4.5

EU- 37


UK/US - 32 A- 34A

CN/EU- 70A-70B

BE/FR- 85C-90B


 23 Inch
74 CM 



32 Inch
58 CM 

Women's Empowerment Work 


In the Spring of 2018, Dominique completed her Teacher Training Course - Shakti Spirit led by Monika Natraj through the Tantra School Agama Yoga in Koh Phangan Thailand. Agama is one of the most well known Tantra Schools in Thailand. This course touched base on creative self-exploration practices and healing arts with the intention to transcend the mind and elevate the consciousness based on ancient mystic traditional knowledge such as; tantra, sufi mysticism and shamanism . This is where she received her formal invocation as a Priestess through a sacred ceremony. 

This course was extremely powerful and transformational for Dominique  as she was a victim of Child abuse from her Father and grew up in the Foster Care system. From this point on, her personal journey reflected that of taking back her power and redefining her purpose in this life.

This course was a primal turning point for Dominique as it reflected all that she had been searching for all these years. Having found not only the purpose in her traumatic childhood but the beauty in it as well,  She is now offering world wide workshops, seminars , and retreats in groups or one-on-one settings as well as via the internet based on women's empowerment.

As each person has his/ her own individual journey, her approach is more based on inviting women to go on an inner journey through her guidance . She provides the space and the tools necessary to reach transcendent states of being more as a light suggestion or invitation. She says she is not a psychologist, but is happy to share her spiritual journey and what has helped her along the way. 

"I am honored to be of service to the women and youth of today. I am ready to enlighten my childhood experience and use it as a catalyst to break the cycle for myself and women like me all over the world. I am not a victim of abuse , but a warrior of abuse. My work is dedicated to all the women who have been through abuse or who are still going through it today and are searching for their voice. You are not alone.  "     


Visual Artist 

Dominique always had a deep appreciation for art. It wasn't until her early teen years that she began to explore it herself. She dedicated hours to creating with pen work . She could hardly focus on taking notes. In school, her papers were filled with elegant sketches and deep shading work. She loved the idea of her mind being stimulated with not only knowledge , but creative self exploration. It was too easy to let her mind wander during lectures . The doodles helped her stay focused, present and stimulated . Dominique engaged with what was going on in her outer world in contrast with her inner one. She also took well-written notes and engaged with her teachers.  Shewas a very active student and graduated with a 4.0 GPA and with Honors. 

 "My best friend and I used to dig up old pieces of cardboard in dumpsters in exchange for canvas," describes Dominique at last year's art convention in San Diego.  Eventually, she decided to take college art courses. This is when she began applying concrete techniques to her own creative way. This took her  art to another level.  Yet, she still continues to progress. "There is always room to grow," she says. 

In her late teen years, she became and active member of the Las Vegas Arts District 18B community . She hosted events & workshops , modeled for many legendary artists within the scene , and helped partake and support local business' such as the World Famous Arts Factory - where she held her first figure drawing course with Stewart Freshwater ; Dominique's very first initiation as an art model.  This is where it all began for her. This district is considered to be her home and roots. This is where she truly began her career as an artist. "I am so grateful for the love and support of the Las Vegas Arts District Community. I would not be here today if it weren't for the influences and inspiration of my piers within this talented community. "

"To me, art is pure passion and creation combining forces and creating the intangible. We are the manifestation of this ; and so is the life that surrounds us. Art is the source and fundamental essence of our being. That is why passion, creation and expression feels so ecstatic. "
- Dominique Zuniga 

Mediums : 

Acrylic Paint 
Oil Paint 
Pen Ink 



Available for but not limited to : 

Live Painting , Vending at festivals or gatherings, Exhibition Work, Showcasing, Art Gallery  , and  Commission 

Compensation and rates to be discussed depending on the content. Mutual Energy exchange to be considered according to appropriate accommodation. 

All Original Pieces & Prints Available Upon Request . Go to "Artist" tab to view collection 


Vocal Artist

In the Summer of 2016, Dominique was asked to partake in her first Native American Opera called "Kokopelli"; named after the famous hunchback flute player deity - by director and artist Jim Covarrubias of Ariztlan studios. Dominique played priestess Tonantzin- an Aztec Goddess, otherwise known as the Native American Mother Mary .  

She had been a self-taught singer for 5 years prior . However, this experience provided her with professional soprano opera training. This greatly influenced her vocal range .

In this performance, Dominique sang along side with world famous mezzo- soprano singer Isola Jones. She sang at the Met for 16 seasons and more than 500 performances. "I am honored to have had this experience," Dominique describes. 

This experience gave her the confidence and skills necessary to further perform at several events and gatherings , big or small, within Costa Rica, Egypt, Las Vegas, California, Thailand, Europe, and so forth. 

Dominique Zuniga is available for performances that include singing , dancing or creative expression nationwide. 


S o u n d   H e a l i n g   

Sound has been used as an ancient tool for healing for many of years.  Whether through the mystic culture of Thai Buddhism chanting mantras for peace and prosperity; or through  The icaros of Indigenous tribes throughout south and central America singing medicine songs during plant based medicinal ceremonies, Sound has the power to restore peace and balance within our being. 

Sound Therapy is a technique in which we slow our breathe down and become more aware of our senses , specifically sound , to the point where we are able to receive the vibrations in a profound way. These frequencies stimulate the central nervous system putting you in a state of meditation or deep relaxed state of consciousness as if right before you were to fall asleep. Within this state vocal toning , crystal singing bowls, and various subtle exotic instruments are used around the body to stimulate and relax it internally. This is very beneficial for anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and stress. 

Dominique began to explore the resonance of her voice in harmony with the resonance of crystal bowls and naturally developed a niche for it after her opera training experience. She began to explore the various tones of her voice in contrast with those instruments that compliment her voice very well. She began to further her research and studies within Thailand and in various other parts of the world. She is now a licensed practitioner offering her service in private sessions or group settings throughout the world.