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Voices of the World 

7- Week Online Self-Paced Course 


Study at your Own Pace

Regardless of where you are in the world , You have the opportunity to receive exclusive content to help you connect with your voice. 
With focus & Self- Discipline, You will succeed.

Honoring the balance of finding your own rhythm . Trusting when it is time to relax, and when it is time to focus. 

Connect with your Voice & Connect with your Soul ...

Music Videos :

Koh Phangan, Thailand
Pyramid Yoga Center 


Muang Cave 

North Thailand 


What is Included ? 

  • 7 Hours worth of Pre-Recorded MP4 Video Files in HD high quality    

  • 20+ Mp3 Audio Files  

  • 50+ Pages of the "Voices of the World" Workbook

  • BONUS Meditation + Light Language tracks 

  • ONE LIVE group session at the end of your course  (Q + A )

  •  Exclusive access to a "Whats App" Chat group with your teacher & fellow students throughout the world

  •  "Whats App" Chat group access with personalized perks 

  • 3 Private 1-1 online lessons  

  •  In Person Voice Retreat in Thailand 


PLUS Bonus Exclusive Offers

Depending on which tier your purchase during checkout 

What Will You Learn ? 

_Voices of the World_ - 7- Week Vocal Ac
  • Releasing Fear of Judgment Techniques 

  • Pitch Control 

  • Resonance & Vibrato 

  • Vocal Dynamics 

  • Breathe Control

  • Guided Meditations 

  • Identify Your Vocal Range

  • Easy World Songs 

  • Soft Guidance into Improvisation

  • Discover your Own Authentic Sound 

  • Enhance Your Creativity 

Why this might be the course for you .. 

Copy of TEMPLATE_ The Ultimate Workbook
  • You are ready to discover your own authentic voice

  • Experiencing a huge block when it comes to expressing yourself

  • Have trouble communicating clearly or setting your boundaries 

  • On a journey of self-discovery & personal development

  • You wish to connect to your soul more intimately 

  • You want to learn songs throughout the world 

  • You are seeking non-traditional western styles of teaching 

  • You wish to heal your throat chakra 

  • You are ready to try something new, fun &  deeply meaningful 

  • You want to have basic daily technical practices

  • You are ready to explore your creativity 


Ksenia Schneider | Russia 

Phil Louden | USA 


"I began this course without knowing that this will lead to a deep level of connecting to myself. And Dominique created a safe space that allowed me to share my inner feelings with everyone. So it felt like a breakthrough not only in technical terms because I didn’t know how high my voice can get but also in spiritual terms. I’m thankful for this lifechanging experience, that I can recommend to everyone. " 


Ksenia Schneider


Honestly, I didn’t know that an online free trial vocal session could be so deep. Besides some basic techniques provided, there was created a space where there it’s ok to be who you are. The improvisation part was quite deep(and fun!) for me too. As a amateur singer, I’m always interested in discovering new techniques, but with Dominique I started to discover myself. She’s the one who will create a space and guide you to meet your heart and to sing from there!


Chris-Coll Beswick


I've wanted to open my voice for a while and I found Dominique's mixture of passion, joy and singing techniques held the key. After an online workshop with her I was so moved I decided to sign up to her 7 week course. I recommend for those spiritually inclined and seeking a deeper connection to their voice


Jiaii Rin


"Although, it is a voice training session, personally speaking, it is more than that. In today’s session, I explored more on practicing the following concepts: releasing my own self-judgment , feeling safe to explore , more relaxation with my voice muscles,  and being able to be more in a meditative state.Also, I purely feel Dominique’s voice is so beautiful. When I practice and hear her voice with my eyes closed, I feel like I am surrounded in beauty. Just hearing her say one sound Is so beautiful!  I just feel happy hearing her! "

Dominique Zuniga

Word Musician & Vocal Artist 

Join Dominique in this Unique Experience. She will take you on a Journey of discovering your own soul through your voice. With authentic exercises guided from a holistic approach , anybody can do it!


You do not have to be a singer to take this course. It is about using your voice from a therapeutic approach. Heal & awaken parts within yourself you did not know existed.  

Originating from Saudi Arabian and Mexican descent & born in California . Dominique has been based in Koh Phangan , Thailand for the past few years .


She started singing at the age of 13 & has been mesmerized by the life that has embraced her ever since her vocal awakening journey began. 


She has traveled the world studying Amazonian Medicine Culture , Middle Eastern Sufi , and Classical Indian style of singing. She combines these elements creating her own unique and authentic sound .


Having received opera training at the age of 18 as a Mezzo Soprano, hitting bone chilling soaring high notes is her specialty and pure pleasure .

She travels throughout the world offering concerts & working with people to encourage them to unlock their vocal alchemy.



Voices of the World


Self- Paced Vocal Course 


The Basics

(Tier #1) :  

This Includes : 

  • 7 Hours of HD Videos

  • 50+ Page Workbook Template 

  • 20+ MP3 Audio Files 


$97 USD



(Tier #4) : 

This Includes : 


ONLY 1 SPACE Available 

  • 5 Private Sessions online VIA ZOOM 


$ 250 USD/hr

(5 sessions Min.)
2 & 3 Part Payment Plan Available

$1250 USD Total 



(Tier #2) : 

This Includes : 


  • BONUS Light Language Meditation track 

  • BONUS Guided Meditation Track 

  • Exclusive "Whats App" Group chat to discuss with your teacher & students all around the world. 

  • One LIVE Group call at the end of the month with Q & A


$250 USD



(Tier #3) : 

This Includes : 



  • 3 Private Sesions 

  • LIVE Retreat in Thailand 

  • Live Concert 

  • Plant Medicine Ceremony 


$500 USD

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