Feminine  Rhythm 

Breathe & Voice 

 Every Month Online  

Upcoming June 26th

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Join us as women from all over the world gather to harmonize through rhythm , breathe , and vocal alchemy. 

With unique exercises intended to tune you deeper into your own feminine rhythm. 

What this Session Will Offer : 

~ Guided Meditation 
~ Invocation Ritual 
~ Icebreaker 
~ Pranayama Affirmation 
~ Breathing Rhythmically Into Heart Songs 
~ Group Tarot 
~ Closing Invocation 

I N V E S T M E N T : 
$10  Each Session 


About Your Host 

Dominique Zuniga is a professional vocal artist and multi- instrumentalist. 

She received Opera training at the age of 18 and has spent some time traveling and touring with world musicians.  

Dominique also works with Women's Empowerment . She completed a teacher training course studying the history of female archetypes and feminine empowerment. 

  She has traveled all over the world sharing her offerings. Using her voice as an instrument to connect and unite the people deeper within themselves .

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