Leah Lipson, Dominique Zuniga & Jamie Shadowlight Presents: 

Mystic Mama

Sound Journey Concert & Cacao Ceremony  

pure mystical World music

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May 8th , 2022

Azalea Park
City Heights

8:00 - 10:00 PM


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Your Hosts:

Dominique Zuniga


I am a woman of sounds. I feel free by the sounds that are expressed through me.

These sounds take me on a journey deep within me. Alchemy of sounds overwhelm me like an overflowing abundant river.


They are the bridge between the visible & invisible world. It is my honor to offer them my body to make an instrument of me.


The essence of depth lives within them and reminds me I am much more than my body. 


There is no destination, only perpetual moments of everlasting timelesses. 

I express my deepest reality with music. It is in music that I feel the most safe to witness & express my impernant nature. It is the only place I can embrace dying & living so purely. Music is the expression of my way of life beyond this material reality. My voice is the sound of my soul.

It is my honor &  divine birthright to share this medicine with you.

Jamie Shadowlight


Jamie Shadowlight explores and expands the context of the violin in imaginative ways. Using various pedals and violins, she creates magical soundscapes that drop the listeners deep into themselves and vibration and takes them on an sonic journey. Her work in cymatics has shown that we are water, that sound is moving and connecting the water between us, within us. 


She is an artist in flow, creating live music that is uplifting and empowering, evoking the sounds of nature and spirit. 


Over the years, she has gained recognition in the world as an artist of quality and soul. Her eclectic and widely diverse range of sound has opened the door to opening musical borders into many different genres. 


She loves to live and create in flow, a place where discipline meets surrender.

Leah Lipson 

Leah facilitates a clearing pathway to the heart through working with cacao. Through this medicine, she creates a safe space that opens up any human into journeying through a deep remembrance of who they are. It’s time to start embracing your true nature and cacao is a vector for this kind of healing.

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Mystic Mama

This Includes:  

  • Nada Yoga Guidance (Listening Meditation) 

  • 2 hour deep set 

  • World Music

  • Healing Soundcapes

  • Electro Acoustic Set featuring  world instruments 

  • Deep Ambiance 


$40 USD

Mama's Pay :

$30 USD