Dominique Zuniga, Madison Marie & Marissa Romero Presents: 


A women's Retreat 

July 15th - 17th| Utah 

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Divine Sisters,
Here to hold you.
Embrace every single cell of you.
LIKE honey for our souls.
You reflect me
the holiness of being
Full Spectrum Divinity.
E M B O D I E D .


Connect with Your Sisters

Space is Limited  14 Women Total



Day 1 


Opening Ceremony 
Be In Relation
Mystical Lullaby Concert



Day 2 


Voice Work 
Movement Medicine 
Mystical Lullaby Concert 


Day 3 


Kambo ceremony 
Sound Journey 
Integration Circle 
Closing Ceremony 



Lazalu, Zion's Remote Resort 

Leaf Pattern Design



Day 1 

Cucumber salad + Roasted artichoke, tomato, and mushroom flatbread 

Dinner :

Rice Noodles with a peanut sesame sauce, topped with green onions, nori, and vegetables.


Day 2 

Breakfast :
breakfast of Acai bowls, with various toppings available such as coconut, cacao, goji berries, and fruit.

Protein bowls featuring; greens, quinoa salad, beans, roasted cauliflower, optional tortilla, balsamic / sesame mustard sauces provided.

Dinner of Soup made from roasted sweet potato, carrots, and vegetables, garnished with cashew cream, crispy kale and mushrooms.


Day 3 

Juice, Tea, Overnight Oats, Toast with Avocado available.


This Retreat is for you if ... 

  • To Reclaim your feminine empowerment 

  • To discover your own authentic voice 

  • To move & connect with your body deeper

  • To expand in your self-love & care rituals 

  • To celebrate in ceremony with sisters all over the world 

  • Journey deeper into the depths of being a woman 

  • Develop a deeper relationship with plant teachers 

  • Develop a deeper relationship to the earth 

  • Fall deeper in love with your body 

  • Deepen your connection to the divine 

  • Awaken the fire & passion within you 

  • Release & Cleanse your body of all that no longer serves 


Optional Kambô

Kambo 1 .png
Kambo 2 .png

Kambô is a secretion which derives from the Phyllomedusa bicolor, a tree frog that is indigenous to the Amazon Jungle.

Kambô is one of the most potent naturally occurring antibiotics/antiseptics on the planet and is known by the native amazonian tribes as the "vaccine of the forest".

Kambo has been the subject of almost three decades of medical research which has found that the secretion contains short chains of amino acids known as bioactive peptides, these peptides are antimicrobial and effective against drug resistant strains of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, parasites and viruses.

The peptides within Kambo have a wide range of physical and spiritual benefits - some of which include managing illness, substance dependency, chronic pain, circulation disorders, inflammation, PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Kambô also has the ability to release us from heavy energies that the indigenous tribes call "panema", these energies are said to cause laziness, sadness, irritability, holes in the auric field, and dark/negative influences which attract difficulties and disease.

Optional Spa Treatment 


Desert Oasis Exclusive Spa Treatment Available

Intentionally formulated herbal soaks and facial regimen made with all organic, therapeutic grade ingredients 45 minute sessions $150 USD. 


Clean Green Mask

  • Aloe 

  • Honey 

  • Carrots Seed Oil 

  • Moringa 

  • Frankincense EO

  • Chamomile EO

Black Oat Mask

  • Aloe

  • Honey

  • Carrot seed oil

  • Activated Charcoal

  • Oats

  • Lavender EO

  • Helichrysum EO

Hibiscus flower, rose hip, and sage herbal infusion, oat milk, ginger essential oil, and Salt from the Dead Sea. This bath is garnished with orange slices and fresh mint.

Butterfly Pea Flower, Chamomile, and Sage herbal infusion, oat milk, vetiver root essential oil and salt from the Dead Sea. This bath is garnished with Lily flowers & Lavender.


Mystic Mud coffee scrub available during your bath time, to use at your leisure

Mystic Mud Coffee Scrub serves as an exfoliant that stimulates the lymphatic system, supports cellular regeneration and improves circulation.

Rose Hip facial serum + facial sculpt

Gua Sha is a a practice rooted in traditional Chinese medicine which has proven to relieve tension in the face, reduce puffiness, inflammation and reduce sinus pressure.

Your Hosts:

Dominique Zuniga


Dominique Zuniga is a world renowned Vocal Artist & World Multi instrumentalist.

She originates from Saudi Arabian and Mexican descent. She has traveled the world studying music, medicine, & ceremonial space-holding.​


Her musical influences are Amazonian Medicine Culture , Middle Eastern Sufi, and Classical Indian. She combines these elements creating her own unique and authentic sound.


Having received opera training at the age of 19 as a Mezzo Soprano, hitting soaring high notes is her specialty and pure pleasure. She encourages people to connect with their voice through online seminars & retreats throughout the world.

Marissa Romero


Marissa Romero's journey with dance began at a very young age, and has evolved from a ballet practice into a spiritual and ritualized art form.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Marissa’s movement started in Vegas dance studios.
By 2015 she moved to Asia to study movement, and began performing on international concert stages as a fire dancer and ritual movement artist.

While living in Asia, Marissa completed her yoga teacher training and began weaving yoga asanas into her dance and dance into her yoga asanas. She was introduced to Contact Improvisation, and attended contact improvisation intensives where she learned from renowned teachers from around the world.

She began facilitating contact dance workshops in Asia, and eventually returned to the USA and introduced Las Vegas to the art of contact improv dance.

She is currently a part of a team of traveling ceremonialists known as “The House of Sommeliers” where she works as a ceremonial dancer, space holder, and somatic movement therapist. Her style of dancing is abstract, sensual, ritualistic, and expressed as a prayer.


Madison Marie

Madison is a ceremonial facilitator, Kambô practitioner, and herbalist.

She has undergone several dietas with the Shipibo-Conibo along the Ucayali river. She worked closely with her Shipiba Maestra Rocio, who taught her how to properly prepare and administer herbal sweeps, baños, mapacho limpias, and traditional womb/ovarian massage.

While living in Peru, Madison was traditionally initiated to serve Kambô and Hapé by Matsés tribal elders.

Her ceremonies are guided in a traditional way which honors the prayers, limpias, and chants of her elders. Her work is trauma informed and provides a safe container which naturally allows wounds, repressed emotions, and regressed memories to arise into consciousness for expression and healing.



Jiaii Rin, Japan

"Although, it is a voice training session, personally speaking, it is more than that. In today’s session, I explored more on practicing the following concepts: releasing my own self-judgment , feeling safe to explore , more relaxation with my voice muscles, and being able to be more in a meditative state.Also, I purely feel Dominique’s voice is so beautiful. When I practice and hear her voice with my eyes closed, I feel like I am surrounded in beauty. Just hearing her say one sound Is so beautiful! I just feel happy hearing her! "


Keenan , USA

I had the pleasure of working with Madison last fall when I was going through easily the most difficult multifaceted transition of my life. Relationship change, farm burning in a fire, loss of loved ones & friends, change of career path.. I was originally introduced to Madison through a friend. When we first met, Other than the impeccable information that she supplied me with prior to our first ceremony I had no idea what to expect. Over the years I have learned of many medicines and their functions on my spirit walk. Yet had not sat with Kombo. Madison changed all that with such a powerful presence and ability to intuit and conduct space. she sat me down, cleaned me up and provided me with love and support through the whole process. She made me a strong believer in the medicine and in the power of a devoted conduit of spirit such as herself. Something that stands out to me about Madison is her character. Madison, like many of us, was pushed into immense growth young. Thus she has developed many parts of herself that takes decades for others. Madison is present, straight to the point, has the ability of the tender feminine and the firm strength of the masculine. She does not wear the special robes or play the part. She walks the walk. She is the real deal. Devoted, present, committed, loving.. Madison has not only gone above and beyond facilitating life changing space for me and my family but has become my friend. I hold Madison’s work in very high regard. In all honestly the space she conducts is not for those dabbling in half committed personal work. Only If you’re ready to truly face yourself and surrender to spirit. If you’re down to get down to the nuts and bolts and do the work, then it’s hard not to absolutely love this beautiful being. If you show up for Madison She will more than show up for you and your journey.


Christina, USA

I had the pleasure of attending Marissa’s Movement Class and I am so glad I got the intuitive call to join. This past year pulled me away from my passion of dance in a number of ways, so this was refreshing and exactly what I needed to remind me of the gift of moving my body. I felt so safe and not judged, able to move freely, and express my true emotions through my movement. I had a breakthrough at the end of class, where emotions poured out of me and it felt really great to share with the class. Thank you Marissa for guiding us, it was a great learning experience to understand my body more. I look forward to more in the future!

Pricing Options


Private Room For 2

Deposit of $150 is required to reserve space

2/3 Payment Plan is Available

This Includes:  

  • 2 Spaces Available 

  • Private bathroom

  •  1 Queen Bed

  • 1 Couch 


$1200 USD


Shared Room

Deposit of $150 is required to reserve space

2/3 Payment Plan is Available

This Includes:  

  • 4 Spaces Available 

  • Twin Beds

  • Shared bathroom


$950 USD



Deposit of $150 is required to reserve space

2/3 Payment Plan is Available

This Includes:  

  • 8-12 Spaces Available

  • Open Land ​

  • Use of outhouse  & outdoor shower facilities


$750 USD