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Sound Sorcerer

A 3 Month  
Celestial journey into refining your Authentic Sound
so you can give and receive the magic of life

Before talking about all that it includes, talk about how you see them, how you feel them in their desire. 
What are they craving for?
What are they looking for?

What do they desire?

WHY do they desire  to come into deeper contact with their voice?

YOU know what comming into deeper connection with their voice means and does to your soul, your body, your life, your experience of everything in this world... they dont know that. 

They only know that they want to experience more life
more freedom
more self expression
more creative expression
more authenticity in the way they share themselves to the world

So, in your experience working with people and their voice:
Tune into what difficulties challenges and desires people come with
and then talk about how acivating their voice
refiniing their connection with their voice has given them exactly what they needed, beyond what they were looking for PLUS much more

That needs to be expressed here! before anything else. 
nobody cares about the details of the program
people want to know you know what theire looking for
you know what they desire
and you know how to get them there

“Anything is possible when you open your heart and connect it to your voice.” -

Divine Woman,
It is time to discover the language of your heART

Use sound as a dialogue
If sound were your only language

A safe space to explore and play. 

To become more intimate with yourself.

To bring yourself deeper into your authentic expression and bring it to life!


The beginning of my deep journey of remembering


Me, leaning into my edges, without knowing what was on the other side, and yet feeling fully alive! 

Celestial 4.jpeg


Medicine of sound


Connect to your own authentic channel


Discover the language of your heART 


Becoming a home for yourself

A home in your body

Safe and nurtured no matter what’s happening in the external world

Safety, nourishment, freedom and love and play


A life of your design and choosing

Learned to give and receive the magic of life

Created community


This is the journey where we create through our soul, through our hearts voice. 

The Sound Sorcerer creates through having a conversation with creation. 

The Celestial Journey 


Month 1 


Month 2 

Fire 2.jpeg

Month 3

Making Magic with the voice

Sound Journeying

Dreamscapes Immersions 

Vocal Athletics
(Understanding & using the voice as a muscle)

Ancient Theory

(4 sequences: legato + mono, duo ,  trio staccato  )
Ancient Melody  (1 sequence)
World Song (EARTH)


Voice Meditations


Refine Vocal Athletics

Ancient Theory

(4 NEW sequences)
Ancient Melody 
(1 NEW sequence)
Creating through flow - Improvisation
World Song (WATER + AIR)

 Sound journeys

World meditative music 

Creating a set 
(The "what's" & the "how to's") 

Live interactive song circle concert Melodies,  scales  &  world songs


 The Song Prompt
Ancient Theory (4 NEW sequences)
Ancient Melody  (1 NEW sequence)
The Voice of the Voiceless Exercise (Use loop station )
World Song (Mama Afrika) 

 Pranayama Breathwork with beats
Upbeat dance music  for  celebration 

 Affirmations Music Journey
Closing Heart Song



LIVE Q&A about my set + effects  & dynamics 

Sound as the source Challenges 

Homework - Challenges 

How many life classes?

practices on Authentic Communication

Sharing Circles

Opening & Closing Mantras

Opening Sacred Space

Opening & Closing Invocations

Sound Journeys 

Integration  - EFT  Tapping / Energetic Encoding & Clearing(Making way for the new)


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