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Sound Healing

With Dominique Zuniga

Discover the Ancient Art of healing through sound vibration

May you Heal as you learn new healing modalities 

This 8 hour online course is designed to teach you the technique & soul of sound healing.  Unravel the essence of being immersed in the presence of harmonious sound throughout your daily life. 

Learn with Dominique 

Mystic, Multi-Instrumentalist , & World Singer 

An authentic course created by a unique soul, with the intention to guide you deeper into the harmony of your being. 


- The course is coming in August 2021 and costs $299, but you have an opportunity to pre-order it now for only $99. In July the price increases to $199, don't wait =) ( to buy)


How & Why It Works

Why & How It Works

Why & How It Works

Sound vibration is always present in our daily lives.
However, certain frequencies have the power to attune our being to elevated states. 

In this course you will learn about the ancient techniques & tools to raise your vibration and those around you. 

The art of Sound Healing has the power to connect us to the great mystic universal sound that is always present & guide us deeper to our most pure essence. 

Effects & Benefits

Who is this course created for ? 

-You are ready to embody your sovereignty 

- You are ready to get to know your soul through sound

- Develop a stronger connection to the vibration of the earth 

- You will be able to identify which parts of your body resonates at what frequency of sound 

- Feel a relief in mental & physical stress 

- Replenish your brain energy with high frequency sound 

- Feel relieved from chronic headache or migraines 

-Clear Energetic Blockages 

- Understand the ancient history of sound healing 

- Learn how to use various unique instruments 

- Use your body as an instrument 

- Learn ancient mantras 

Your Instructor

Your Instructor

Dominique Zuniga is a world musician & Vocal artist. 
She received opera training at the age of 18 and is known for her incredible high soprano voice. 

Dominique spent years traveling the world studying healing world music from cultures in the Middle East, India , and South America . She offers weekly sound healing concerts where she lives in Thailand & encourages people to connect to their own sound vibration. 

Fascinated with the ever so present  harmonies of the earth , it is her purpose to offer her body as an instrument for the divine channels that wish to exist within her. She believes that we are all sovereign beings by birthright & do not need a certification to embody our divinity. 

Just as the ocean does not need a certification to express it's natural sound, neither do you . It is her deep honor to guide you into remembering  the purity of being through sound vibrations. 

Course Content

Course Modules

History & Backgorund

Learn about the ancient culture of sound healing & the formulas for this course.

Modes of Healing

Explore the various ways of sound healing. Learn to heal yourself, work 1-1 , in groups or concert settings. 

Closing Space

Learn how to close space with the best intention. Discover closing mantras & tools to close the session with integrity. 

Atmosphere & Setting

Learn about opening invocation rituals & special tools to keep a high vibrational space. 

Instruments & Methods

Learn about the many different instruments you can use and  how to use them. Ranging from a variety of simple instruments such as; bells to more complex such as, loop station. 

Personalized Sound Journeys

Half  of this course will include 30 min long personalized sound journey set's from Dominique. Have lifetime access & listen at your own time perhaps before sleep. 

Sound Sensitivity

The most important part of sound healing. Learn to tune into the delicate nature of being & take best care of your receiver. 

Mantras & Light Language Formulas

About half of this course is mantras and light language codes which you will receive at the end of each session. 


The Dome Concert

BONUS 1 hour concert at Dominique's weekly venue in Thailand. Experience this unique atmosphere on one of the world's best islands. 

Demonstration Video 

Example Video

Presale + Bonus

Sing Up Sale

Message from Dominique

It is my intention to create not just a course, but an experience that will guide you deeper into the alchemy of your soul. A rich journey of sound can be a journey of self-discovery into the depths of your being.  Your body has the potential to be the bridge between earth and higher realms. Sound has literally saved my life & it is my honor to share with you the magic of how one can communicate to other realms beyond what we can see with our physical body. 

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