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Ask Me Anything... 

  • Travel Tips

  • Healing Practices 

  • Music

  • Modeling

  • Art

  • Manifestation 

  • Creating Income Abroad  

  • Plant Medicine 

  • Yoga

  • Healthy Eating 

  • Conscious Lifestyle

  • Romance 

  • Living Abroad

  • My Personal Story 

  • Listening

Need A Gentle Push..

Having Trouble Making that Next step? 



Simply Curious

I am Here For you... 

You are Not Alone..

A Sacred Space Will be Provided 

For You to Express, Connect, Dive

  • Beginning With an Opening Invocation 

  • Topic of Your Choice

  • A Tarot Card Reading Included: "Natures Whisper" Deck 

  • Closing Invocation

Fill out the Questionnaire,
Pick a Topic,
Get Started Today !


Single Consultation

1 Space Available Per  Month

      $250 USD / 1 Hour 

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