Cacao Ceremony's 

In ancient Mayan Culture, Cacao is known to be a sacred plant medicine.

It contains an active ingredient called Theobromine- which translates to "food of the gods.'

It is ingested by the lips as a liquid used as medicine, for spiritual practice, or sacred ceremonies. 

There are many ways to prepare cacao. Dominique specifically likes to add her special natural ingredients to make  it especially tasty. 

Dominique has had experience hosting many cacao ceremonies for over hundreds of people throughout the world. From small intimate gatherings, to large festivals. 

Her most memorable offering was with Kulam Project in Koh Phangan, Thailand 2019 . 

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Cacao Ceremony   

A Truly Magical Sacred Gathering 

Join me in my own very personal sacred home space in the heart of the jungle on this magical island Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Allow me to guide you through an evening of pure heart opening devotional ceremony. With my own very homemade cacao .

Beginning with a sunset ceremony offering as we meet at the beach . Then I will guide you to the location , where the beautiful space will be prepared and my team awaits welcoming you into the space.

We will begin ceremony by a guided meditation and opening of space taking in the sacred cacao nectar. Then enjoy a personal intimate bhakti concert with live world & mystic music where you are invited to sing along. Truly a magical night to cherish . You don't want to miss this opportunity !

Sessions offered monthly or as often as requested per booking. 

1,500 BHT Per Person