Sound Healing 

Vibrations that Transcend the Soul

Sound has been used as an ancient tool for healing for many of years.  Whether through the mystic culture of Thai Buddhism chanting mantras for peace and prosperity; or through  The icaros of Indigenous tribes throughout south and central America singing medicine songs during plant based medicinal ceremonies, Sound has the power to restore peace and balance within our being. 

Sound Therapy is a technique in which we slow our breathe down and become more aware of our senses , specifically sound , to the point where we are able to receive the vibrations in a profound way. These frequencies stimulate the central nervous system putting you in a state of meditation or deep relaxed state of consciousness as if right before you were to fall asleep. Within this state vocal toning , crystal singing bowls, and various subtle exotic instruments are used around the body to stimulate and relax it internally. This is very beneficial for anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and stress. 

Dominique began to explore the resonance of her voice in harmony with the resonance of crystal bowls and naturally developed a niche for it after her opera training experience. She began to explore the various tones of her voice in contrast with those instruments that compliment her voice very well. She began to further her research and studies within Thailand and in various other parts of the world. She is now a licensed practitioner offering her service in private sessions or group settings throughout the world. 

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1 hr/ 1,000 BHT 

Align Your Chakras from the root to the crown. Cleansing each Chakra with a set of singing bowls and vocal toning. Your body, being receptive to the frequency identifies any blockages of energy within the chakra system and releases them helping you to feel more calm, centered and aligned after each session . An opportunity to feel refreshed and renewed . 

Chakra Alignment 

3 sessions / 3,000 BHT 

In this first session, we will focus on coming into deeper awareness of the body, mind and spirit. We will come to find how they are all deeply connected and how to better work in harmony with them all for your own growth and healing. Minor body movements for relaxation and decompression allowing you to release any tension. Pranyama breath work to let go of the busy mind and dive deeper into the present moment. Deeper vocal and singing bowl toning to move your spirit . Bringing you to a place of deep peace and awareness of your being. 

Body , Mind , Spirit  

5 sessions / 4,500 BHT 

All of the above included plus a final interactive session where you are invited to chant a mantra for peace and prosperity. This mantra will be given to you to chant whenever you feel called to . An opportunity to truly connect to your infinite nature . After aligning your chakras, activating your body, mind and spirit ; rediscover your own ability to tap into your healing life force energy with the power of sound. 


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